Stun Monitor and Logger

Ensures that your electrical stunning system meets required humane, safety and meat quality standards

Effective electrical stunning depends on delivering appropriate electrical parameters.
Monitoring and recording individual stuns is a critical training aid for operators.
  • Confirms that operators are doing the job correctly - unique operator ID's can be used to track individual performances
  • Picks up faults in the performance of the equipment
  • Meets requirements in animal welfare codes of practice and in customer specifications to maintain a record of stun performance

We developed a versatile device that monitors the electrical stun used on every animal and records the electrical parameters associated with each stun cycle.
The Carne Technologies Stun Monitor and Logger (CTSML) is compatible with a wide range of manual and automated stunning systems for beef, sheep, pigs and goats. It can be installed as part of a new electrical stun system or is easily retrofitted to existing ones by plant electricians.