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Grain fed cattle processing is unique to the ANZCO Canterbury processing plant within the New Zealand meat industry, and Carne Technologies worked with the plant to identify a solution to a problem they were having with a high incidence of blood splash (petechial haemorrhaging) in some of the key high value primals of their cattle.........

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Karan Beef, South Africa

Karan Beef operates the largest feedlot and processing facility in South Africa having grown from a 1000 head feedlot operation in 1974 to its position as the largest fully integrated beef production operation in Africa. In 2010 Karan Beef approached Carne to see if we could help them address complaints they were receiving from their customers of high levels of purge in some of their key, high value primals.

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FoodCap Ltd

FoodCap has worked extensively with Carne Technologies since its establishment.
The primary relationship has been with Dr Clyde Daly and Dr Nicola Simmons, although we have worked closely with Carne technical staff on specific investigations related to chilled meat handling, and they have always been highly professional.

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