At Carne Technologies, we understand that, as a Plant Manager, Engineer or Technical Manager, you have a focus on improving process efficiency and costs while delivering a high quality product to your customers. This is where Carne Technologies can help. 
Our goal is to provide hardware and technical support programs that improve product quality, processing efficiencies, and animal welfare. For this purpose, we develop, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art electrical processing technologies, real-time on-and off-line quality measurement systems, as well as technical support tools . These can be used in meat processing plants, cold stores, retail cutting and packing plants, and in supermarkets. To support these systems is a world-leading team of technical experts whose capability extends from farm gate to the supermarket shelf. Our pioneering technologies have won us recognition around the world. Based in Cambridge, New Zealand, we serve a global clientele with customers from Europe, North, Central and South America, China, South Africa and beyond.


What sets us apart? Quite simply, it's the expertise and experience of our staff. We boast an exceptional team who cover a wide range of technical disciplines, industrial trades, and commercial experiences. They all share the common focus of continuing to design and develop the most advanced meat processing solutions and systems for the international meat supply chain.

Combining this with their enthusiasm, dedication and 'can-do' attitude means that we are always confident of finding solutions to any processing or meat quality related challenge.


Drs Clyde Daly and Nicola Simmons have academic backgrounds, and, between them, offer expertise in animal physiology, meat science, computer modelling and data analysis. Their decades of involvement with the meat industry means they are in a unique position to apply scientific principles to practical, commercial applications.

Dr. Nicola Simmons

General Manager

Nicola is one of the founding partners of Carne Technologies. She initially started her career in the meat industry by joining the family butchery business in London. She then went on to complete an Institute of Meat Graduate course at the old Smithfield college in the UK, followed by an MSc and PhD in meat science at Bristol University. Nicola then held senior positions at both the Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (MIRINZ) and then the Crown Research Institute AgResearch, leading teams of scientists in both science and industry-focussed programmes. During the early years at Carne Technologies, Nicola was heavily involved in both the day-to-day product development and the commercial projects. However, with the continued growth of the Company, Nicola is now focussing more on the 'business' end of the Company, to ensure that the business activities align to the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

Dr Clyde Daly

Managing Director

Clyde is the other founder of the Company. He studied animal science and physiology, initially in the US then completed his MSc at University College London. He undertook his PhD research from Bristol University at the AFRC Meat Research Institute, and then stayed on as a Senior Researcher to continue research on animal welfare during stunning and slaughter, providing consultancy services for many UK abattoirs and animal welfare organisations. In the early 90's, Clyde left the UK for a new life in New Zealand, working for the Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (MIRINZ) and then the Crown Research Institute, AgResearch. During his time there, Clyde led many programmes all with a focus on either animal welfare or meat quality.

Clyde spear-heads much of the technology development and works across the multi-disciplinary teams in both the design, initial prototype development and testing, and commercialisation.


Founded in 2005, Carne Technologies (the word carne is Latin for "meat") has quickly established itself as a world leader in meat-processing science and technology. But, though still a relatively young company, our experience in the meat industry in fact goes back decades.

Our personnel have a background in core meat technology and agricultural research. Carne Technologies initially supplied technical support in meat-processing product handling technologies. Since then, it has developed in-house facilities that include a meat science laboratory, an electronics unit and an equipment manufacturing facility.

The wider capability of the Carne Technologies team continues to grow and develop and has at its core people with electronic design capability, software programming and development, engineering, & meat science. Our technical officers who are responsible for much of the in-plant technology commissioning, training and support, are a critical part of the Company. 

Staff development and growth is a big focus of the Company ensuring that the unique knowledge that resides within the Company continues to be available to support the international meat industry in years to come.

Recent years have seen some notable achievements, including the development of a new generation of meat-processing technologies—many of which have become the industry gold standard internationally.

We have some excellent years behind us but the best years still lie ahead. Our outstanding team are constantly working on developing inventive solutions to complex challenges—now and as we forge ahead into the future.

Want to know how we can help improve your process or end-point quality? We'd love to talk with you. Get in touch with us.