We have a range of innovative electrical products designed to improve efficiency, quality and, ultimately profitability.

Electrical Stun Monitor & Logger

This device monitors and logs electrical stuns in real time, ensuring effectiveness and compliance with legislation & industry standards. Beyond its role as a simple logging device, the system supplies a training opportunity for operators: Operators' receive immediate visual feedback on stun performance and faulty performance is indicated using LED lights.The software has the facility to allow individual operators to be identified, and this allows extensive analysis of the performance of each operator. All stun information can be remotely accessed via any device in real time, with the software providing additional analytical options and the generation of simple performance reports. 

Electrical Stun Systems

Animal welfare is the overriding objective of pre-slaughter stunning, but stunning can also affect meat quality. These needs can be reconciled by designing appropriate electrical waveforms and stun parameters.Our electrical stun systems use programmable waveforms that can be applied to most species (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry) and are optimised for effective stunning and minimal quality problems. The system can be used in combination with existing electrodes, and can be set up as a stun kill or recoverable (Halal-compliant) system.

Electronic Bleeding Systems

This system provides a carefully targeted electrical input designed to squeeze more blood out the vessels during bleeding. This results in a higher yield of blood collection with the added benefit that the slaughter floor is cleaner from this point on due to more blood being expelled during bleeding. 

Electronic Immobilisation Systems

Our electronic immobilisation system is primarily used to reduce post slaughter convulsive kicking therefore making it much safer for workers carrying out early work-up operations. The system is fully programmable to ensure highly effective movement control while controlling and optimising the effects on meat pH. 


Ensure tenderness in less time using SureStim, an electrical stimulation system that accelerates the tenderisation process. As a "touch safe" system, no safety barriers are needed and the unit can be retro-fitted to most existing electrodes. Alternatively Carne Technologies can provide the complete turn-key system (electrodes & stimulation system ). The system is programmed to ensure the level of stimulation is compatible with the rate of chilling and subsequent carcass and primal maturation times and time to market.

Smart Stim

SmartStim uses the SureStim platform but has additional technology which measures the responses of each carcass during stimulation and, from the nature of the responses, derives information about the pH of key muscles, and in particular the loin.  The system provides a controlled pH drop which is specified by the user according to customer requirements. There are a variety of electrode options depending upon requirements based on either a standard rub rail electrode (continuous chain) or a pneumatically operated arm (stop/start chains). Commercial installations include applications to hide on uneviscerated and eviscerated carcasses (beef), whole dressed carcasses (beef and lambs) and carcass sides (beef).

Tender-O-Meter T2000

Measures cooked meat tenderness (shear force). Compared with the general purpose laboratory device normally used for shear force measurement of meat, this equipment is designed specifically for the meat industry to provide a low cost and fast-throughput alternative, without sacrificing accuracy.

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