Grain fed cattle processing is unique to the ANZCO Canterbury processing plant within the New Zealand meat industry, and Carne Technologies worked with the plant to identify a solution to a problem they were having with a high incidence of blood splash (petechial haemorrhaging) in some of the key high value primals of their cattle.

According to Mr Graham Parker who was managing the Canterbury site, Anzco Foods chose Carne Technologies because we have the necessary expertise in electrical stunning processes and ANZCO and Carne had collaborated on similar projects in the past.
How did Carne Technologies solve your problem or improve your business? "
They have a very specific skill set around animal responses to electrical inputs for both stunning and stimulation"
They have a very unique roll the sleeves up approach, hands on, practical, combined with scientific knowledge. And as importantly, they are able to explain a complex solution in plain English. The whole job was very rewarding, particularly when receiving subsequent positive feedback from customers. Carne resolved all issues in a very efficient and practical manner
Graham, would you recommend Carne to others? 
Absolutely. For the simple reasons, experience, expertise, efficient, they do whatever it takes to get the job done. What's more, Carne's global reputation gave ANZCO's customers confidence in the solution to the original quality issues.

Graham Parker – General Manager