FoodCap has worked extensively with Carne Technologies since its establishment.

The primary relationship has been with Dr Clyde Daly and Dr Nicola Simmons, although we have worked closely with Carne technical staff on specific investigations related to chilled meat handling, and they have always been highly professional.
The depth of technical expertise within Carne Technologies related to red meat science is world class and spans all aspects of pre and post slaughter, carcass stimulation, chilling, carcass handling, primal packing - storage - maturation, through to further processing and retail packing.
Our current collaboration has seen the Carne team managing the most extensive meat science program undertaken in New Zealand for many years, spanning evaluations of primal pork, beef, chicken and lamb. Their input included working with FoodCap management on defining the scope and objectives of our trial program, developing trial protocols, conducting scientific testing of primal storage & maturation across a wide range of timeliness by species, evaluating colour stability - micro bacteria - product yield, and retail shelf life through to eating quality assessment.
Outside of managing meat science field trials for our company, Carne scientists have worked on a range of initiatives including:
Laboratory simulations related to different meat storage methods and processes.
Evaluation of different gas formulations and ratios impact on meat storage life and product quality.
Technical extension and process improvement with FoodCap's current and potential customers.
Several areas that we value highly in our dealings with Carne Technology scientists are:
Their technical knowledge across the entire spectrum of meat science across multiple species.
Their open mindedness and attitude towards evaluating new methods and processes to deliver outcomes for their customer.
Their ability to pitch highly technical communication specifically to the audience, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Vaughan Whyte - GM Solution and Market Development, FoodCap Limited