Karan Beef operates the largest feedlot and processing facility in South Africa having grown from a 1000 head feedlot operation in 1974 to its position as the largest fully integrated beef production operation in Africa.

In 2010 Karan Beef approached Carne to see if we could help them address complaints they were receiving from their customers of high levels of purge in some of their key, high value primals.
On instruction from Karan, Carne visited the site and quickly identified some key areas of the primary carcass processing that we felt was causing quality problems.
According to Mr Gavin Paton,
"There was no beating around the bush, the problems were quickly identified and solutions confidently presented. What I particularly liked about their approach was that they were totally hands on, working at the very "coal face" of the abattoir. This left a lasting impression on us as a company.
We were relieved the problem had been quickly identified and recommendations were provided that were commercially realistic: The cost saving was an added bonus; with stimulation system used on just bled "bodies" we had a temperature rise in the carcass to +/- 41⁰. The change to the Carne Tech stim system ensured that we did not have a temperature increase resulting in an optimal carcass temperature going into the chillers. Apart from the benefits on quality, the energy saving from this added to the quicker turnaround of chill rooms has been a real cost saving to us as a company. We have grown our export business into the Middle Eastern countries considerably, in the niche "rouge veal" sector, with no complaints of purge. 
Bottom line, the solution from Carne' Technologies, solved our problem, saved us money, and gave us increased confidence in the product we produce.
I whole heartedly recommend doing business with Carne technologies, they go beyond the norm of problem and solution, it is a relationship"

Gavin Paton – Technical Director